Tips when traveling by land

There are those who love to travel by land either for their fear of flying, or for their love of adventure, nature and discovering cities. He loves to see mountains and rivers. He loves to get close to peoples and know their customs and traditions, but traveling by land is a risk, so you must be careful and take all precautions, for a safe travel trip:

1- You must review all passports and transit visas for you and all those traveling with you, so as not to cause problems at the borders. It is recommended that you take a hotel reservation with you or anything related to the place where you will be staying.

2- Try to buy a mobile SIM for the day you will travel to, the first thing to do is roaming. The important thing is to have a cell phone from which you can make calls, you may need it in cases of necessity.

3- Make sure you have the necessary medicines with you during travel, in addition to a first aid kit, and try to understand how to use it well.

4- Transfer some currencies to the country you are going to, which you will need in purchases upon your arrival in the country.

5- You must know your destination well, and always use electronic maps, or GPS, it will help you a lot.

6- Do not travel alone, and it is desirable to have more than one car. Traveling by day is better, and your companions must be good at driving, so that the process of exchanging driving takes place on the long road.

7- Inspect the car and prepare it before traveling “tires, brakes, mechanics, oils, fire extinguisher” and arrange the bags tightly, especially those who put them on top of the car.

8- Follow up on the weather condition before traveling, stay away from windy days, or days when the fog increases.

9- Keep the numbers of the Safety and Accidents Committee or the ambulance numbers.

10- Make a backup copy of the car keys, and put them in the money purse or trouser pockets, or the thing that always accompanies you, as you may forget them inside the car.

11- Adhering to the rules of precaution and safety, fastening seat belts, and not being reckless in driving.

12- Take a break every two or three hours, so that the body does not suffer from lethargy, or clots resulting from prolonged sitting, and during rest, eat some sweets that give you energy, or take stimulants such as coffee and others.

13- If the travel is too long, you should spend the night resting and not driving, and it is preferable to look for an overnight stay.

And in the end, trust in God, as he is the companion in travel, and we wish you a happy and safe journey.

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