The most important safety rules on road trips

Safety rules in setting up picnic tents and trips
Here are the safety rules to be followed in setting up picnic tents and trips
Before setting up the tent, make sure that its parts are safe to avoid troubles while staying in it.
The floor should be cleaned of all pointed objects, stones, pieces of glass, and old pegs.
A piece of wood should be placed under the columns if the ground is sandy to ensure its stability.
Iron wedges should be used if the ground is solid.
The tent should be set up away from places where there are risks of ignition, such as dry weeds and random plants.
A sufficient distance must be left between the tents for the passage of people, with a width of no less than two meters, free of stakes and ropes.
The back of the tent should be facing the gusts of wind.
The walls of the tent should not be sprayed with insecticides because they contain chemicals that affect the fabric of the tent and thus weaken its resistance.
Tents must not be above electrical lines.
The camp must be provided with a transformer from (220 volts) to (24 volts) for each tent if there are multiple light generators.
Generators are located 10 meters from the picnic tents.
Ashtrays must be provided if there are smokers.
Fuel lights should not be hung close to the tent roof.

Safety on land trips from (the dangers of torrential rain)
Enjoying wild trips and watching torrents and rain is a beautiful and wonderful thing, but what are the means required?
Followed by citizens to protect them from the dangers of those torrents and rain, there are instructions that must be followed
Such cases are as follows:
Not to be near valleys during rain and not to set up camps in them.
Not to swim in valleys and pits formed after rain, which contain mud and mud
Which impedes movement and catches a person if he touches it, even if he is good at swimming, he drowns as a result.
Not to cross the torrent in the car or to walk in places where the depth of the water is unknown during the night.
Watching children and not neglecting them, even for a moment, while they are near gathering places
Rain and prevent them from swimming or playing in dams and pits that form after rain.
Not to go with cars that are not suitable for road trips and during rain, because they can get stuck in the
Some water swamps, which is difficult to get out.
If you are at home during the rain, you should not go out unless necessary.
But if you are outside the house and you are in your car, you must take the appropriate place and park your car
When the intensity of the rain until the end of the rain or less intensity.
If you are in the desert during rain, then staying in the car is the best place to protect you, after God, from lightning strikes.
When the onset of rain occurs and on the way slips occur, you must be careful and pay attention.

Vehicle parts should always be checked, especially those that you use during rain.

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